About Us

Discover the Essence of Smoky Flavors with 7GT Smoked Salts

At 7th Generation Texan Smoked Salts, we're passionate artisans dedicated to elevating your culinary experiences through the infusion of rich, smoky flavors into high-quality salts. Founded by Noah Haas in 2023, our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to bring the exquisite taste of smoked salts from Texas to your kitchen.

**Our Story**

Driven by a love for culinary exploration and a desire to innovate, Noah embarked on a quest to master the art of smoking salt. What started as a small backyard hobby has evolved into a flourishing business committed to delivering exceptional smoked salts to chefs, home cooks, and food enthusiasts worldwide.

**Craftsmanship and Quality**

At 7GT Smoked Salts, we take pride in our craftsmanship. Each batch of our smoked salt is meticulously handcrafted using traditional smoking methods, ensuring the perfect balance of smokiness and natural salt flavor. We source premium mediterranean sea salts from reputable suppliers and carefully selected Texan hardwoods like hickory, mesquite, oak and pecan, to infuse our salts with distinct and captivating aromas.

**Our Commitment**

We are dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence.  Through our passion for smoked salts, we aim to inspire creativity in the kitchen, encouraging you to experiment, innovate, and delight in the transformative power of smoky flavors.

**Join Us on the Journey**

Whether you're a seasoned chef, a budding home cook, or a passionate foodie seeking to elevate your dishes, 7GT Smoked Salts invites you to join us on this flavorful journey. Explore our diverse range of smoked salts and blends, unlock new dimensions of taste, and let the essence of smokiness transform your culinary creations.

Thank you for choosing 7GT Smoked Salts—where every grain of salt tells a story of dedication, passion, and the art of smoke-infused flavors.

Savor the moment. Experience the essence of smoke.